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“Is that a mirage, or just product placement?”, Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

I’m sure this month’s Ranked Hard SEO comic will draw some controversy, and to be quite honest, that probably is not a bad thing. Whoever said there is no such thing as bad publicity had a point.

The idea for this comic spawned from our previous comic, “Your Link Here“, which poked some fun at the link buying tactics used by some SEO companies. The next logical step, as Ranked Hard’s writer Simon points out, is product placement. Of course it happens in television and movies all the time, and I’m sure we aren’t the first comic to use it either. We did try to put a humorous spin on it by overdoing it to the point that the comic is lost in the advertisements.

Prior to today (Oct. 3, 2008), we hadn’t had any ads on this site in any form. We have been running the comic for 9 months without revenue or distracting ads, and to kick off our foray into the advertising model we thought a tongue-in-cheek theme about product placement in the comic would be a great way to do it. You will be seeing ads on the site in the future (we have monstrous bills to pay), but this should be the only time you see an advertisement in a comic.  Notice I used the word should.  I can’t guarantee we won’t sell out if large bags of cash are thrown at us….I’m only kidding.  We will never put ads in the actual frames again.  So thanks for your readership and for your future support.

And with that said…

If you want to advertise on Ranked Hard, contact marketing {at} RankedHard {dot} com.

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6 Responses to “Your Ad Here”

  1. Mistker Mandez says:

    Very clever…

  2. Ranked Hard says:

    Got to love the product placement Ideas…heading to a few sponsors now 🙂

  3. Josh Spickler says:

    Wow… I don’t know why I find this so clever when it’s such an obvious and simple idea. Very well done, sirs.

    On another note, any possibility of more than 1 comic a month?

  4. Ranked Hard says:

    Josh – I wish we could. We have a hard enough time just getting one done per month. We all work full time at Big Oak SEO, so this is more of a creative outlet at this time. We are always looking for good ideas from our readers, but so far in 9 months, not much.

  5. This is so cool. I love it!

  6. Toyko Drift says:

    Goodness, gracious, this is highly creative. I’m surprised we’ve never seen this before. I’ve perused this site of yours and have concluded that it’s one of the most inventive things I’ve seen in a long while.