Meet the Ranked Hard Staff

Brad Smart

Bradley “Brad” Smart

SEO Specialist and Company President

Brad is the heart of Ranked Hard and is the eternal optimist of the group. Unfortunately he can sometimes fail to see the reality of the situation due to his rose-colored outlook on life, business and search engine optimization.

At times he does become frustrated with misinformed clients, black hat SEO techniques and Google’s bizarre algorithms.

Very likable, but kind of a nerd — likes to think he is still “cool”.

Gwen Michaels

Gwen Michaels

Researcher/Optimizer/Sometimes Copywriter

Long-time friend of Brad, Gwen joined the company at his request. Her attention to detail, pragmatic outlook on life and general positive personality make her a great fit for Ranked Hard.

Always on the go, Gwen is a bit of a health nut who cares as much about the company as she does herself.

Of course, caring so much can sometimes make her overly critical of decisions made by the company and she doesn’t mind sharing her strong-willed opinions.

Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones

Roosevelt “Rosie” Jones

SEO Specialist and VP of Company

Rosie was an original founder of the company with Brad. She is more analytical and definitely a left-brain kind of gal.

Even-keeled in her approach to life and business, she is a mystery to Brad and his emotional response to most issues. If Rosie is upset, then something must be very wrong.

Her calm exterior can sometimes be seen as apathy, but she wants the company to succeed as much as anyone.

Simon Caine

Simon Caine

Simon Caine


Simon is the newest member of the Ranked Hard SEO team and has a unique view of the company from a fresh perspective. This allows him to see the company as outsiders may see it, which gives him much amusement and much confusion.

Somewhat of a rebel, Simon doesn’t mind pushing the envelope in his life and at Ranked Hard.

He can be a smart alec at times, but knows when to keep his comments to himself, most of the time.