Ranked Quotes

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“I liked it. The “Black Magic SEO” is one that I could imagine decorating a lot of offices here at Google and various SEOs.”

Matt Cutts, Matt Cutts Blog

“If my blog had a love affair with Marvel Comics, and our illegitimate child wasn’t trapped in the Sandbox, it would look just like Ranked Hard.

If you know me, you are probably aware that I don’t hand out praise very often. And if I’m not secretly getting paid under the table, I have nothing but criticism. But all that changed the day I found a new comic strip called Ranked Hard.

It’s even illustrated to make sure you don’t miss anything.”

– Sucker, InternetMarketingSucks

“You know search marketing has made it when it makes it to comic form. Good laughs!”

– Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land

“Search marketers: Check out Big Oak’s SEO comic blog. Not only do you get a laugh, but practical SEO tips in this new comic blog.”

-Tequia Burt, BtoB – The Magazine for Marketing Strategists

“When I’m not constantly Googling myself, I’m reading the Ranked Hard blog.”

– Sean Percival, Docstoc

This cartoon is very funny…Long Live SEO!”

– Jason Calacanis, Mahalo

“Get your funny on with this quality SEO comic about the mythical “Ranked Hard” SEO agency, from folks at Big Oak.”

– Lee Odden, Top Rank Blog

“Big Oak SEO comes up with a unique approach for more exposure in the Internet marketing realm. Who would have thought there would be comics for SEO? Great stuff that I recommend you check out if you have a free moment.”

– Gyutae Park, Winning the Web – Internet Marketing

“Funny AND informative which is a great combination. Unlike my cynical name-calling blog, you can actually get some practical SEO advice from the boys and girls at Ranked Hard.”

– Aaron Chronister, The Mad Hat

“For the lighter side of the search industry, check out Ranked Hard for some enjoyable cartoon characters. It should liven up your day!”

– Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable

“Betty and Veronica have got nothing on Gwen and Rosie… I think I have a new comic crush!”

– Johny Cow, John Cow

“I have to say, the artwork is very nice.”

– Rand Fishkin, Seomoz.org