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Outsourcing Reservations - Ranked Hard SEO Comic

“You canโ€™t handle the truth!” – Col. Jessup, A Few Good Men.

The truth is many companies are outsourcing. Outsourcing isn’t just a hot button in the SEO industry, it is a topic of heated discussion in most businesses. Outsourcing overseas hurts because it takes away jobs from Americans, but American companies must outsource to keep costs low and competitive. It is a no-win situation most of the time, higher costs and less profit or lower costs and being vilified for using overseas help. For SEO companies it can be seen as the forbidden fruit: Use inexpensive (cheap) labor to build your client’s links, write articles, etc., and keep the profits while hoping you are not exploiting human lives in the process.

Of course outsourcing is being done by many SEO firms, whether they will admit it or not. Using freelancers, American or not, is a form of outsourcing and it keeps internal costs down for the company and allows the client to do more with their money, when done correctly. I have no problem with outsourcing; that is an individual decision. I would only hope it is being done ethically and honestly. And, you would hope the quality is there too. Unfortunately, I have seen many emails from overseas companies written in a mutant form of English offering to help my SEO company. These emails would lead me to believe that the highest quality work for the SEO community isn’t being delivered from overseas.

How do you feel about outsourcing in the SEO world? Is it okay to use American labor and not overseas? What are considered good practices?

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  1. Will says:

    I suppose there is an element of guilt in any business if you outsource since you’re taking work away from Americans, but if external factors such as corporate taxes are what forced a corporation’s hand, can they really hold themselves responsible?

    But as this cartoon demonstrates, if you take work away from Americans and give it to Native Americans, Americans still win. ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, the resemblance is striking: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a299/Rhilton4u/Sports%20Photography/BraveUnderStadium.jpg
    He’s probably wondering when his outsourcing gig is going to end.

  2. Kari says:

    I’ve just started out as a freelance copywriter, and seeing the ultra-cheap competing bids for projects coming from virtual copy sweatshops (namely in India) has been frustrating to me. I’ve been on the other side of the coin, hiring and working with outsourced freelancers, and the quality was not great compared to their native English-speaking counterparts. Now as a freelancer myself, I strive to deliver high-quality content; but I refuse to undervalue myself and charge sweatshop rates in order to compete. It’s a challenge, to say the least, to make those focused solely on the bottom line see the bigger picture.

  3. Shell Harris says:

    Kari, I hear you. We have the same issues. When a perspective client tells me they can get an SEO company for $200/month I immediately think of India. I can’t and won’t compete with that. Hopefully the quality of our work speaks for itself. Of course, clients who want SEO for that price wouldn’t be good clients for us.

    Good luck on your Caffeinated Blog!

  4. Tina says:


    First of all I thank you M/s: Bigoakinc for bringing this post online. The information contains on this published page is very useful and impressive. Thanks.

    “Kari” – As long as your points and indications are concerned, I believe, The SEO and Outsourcing firms in the West, America’s, Australia and Oceania working really well, specially when it comes to user and search engines friendly web sites. However the companies in Pakistan and India are no behind as well. They offer the services on cheap costs, because the labor is available on lower rates, as well as they pay less taxes and are supported some what by the countries, since the IT was recently started in such countries specifically in Asia that contains the current players i.e. Pakistan and India.

    As per your comment. We as companies will take and respect all our clients as the special humans since they give us business and let us run either small firms or top established companies. In Pakistan and India, when a 100 dollars customer come to the company. We deal it very well, provide them the quick backup support, and the same customer next time pays the 1000 dollars for any other projects they may have. If he does not come back, but was satisfied, he reccomends to all their family, friends, and colleagues, and this gives a great business ahead, and accomodate the less prices were earned from that customer in the begining.

    I agree. The higher prices mean, the quality work. But the quality work in Asia is affordable on cheap and low costs (prices) e.g. both SEO and Web design services. Normally we being a Web Design and SEO Company, recieve minimum 7-orders from our US-Australian-and European partners, They get the work on higher prices, and we do work for them on the low prices, so the both parties may earn.

    Anyway – I thank you – Bigoakinc – for their great work and I wish all you guys at “Bigoakinc” very best for all your up-coming tasks!



  5. arindra says:

    Some people are of the belief that American English is a Mutant English , while american’s claim that British English is more garbled and crazy . People were of the belief that Indians or chinese would love to work for Americans because of the powerful Dollar rate .Not just a few days back , i have seen several indian companies or professionals start charging clients in Euros and Pounds because of the falling dollar rate . What some people consider as atrocious sweat shop rates …is only relative .
    I have also come across hundreds of Americans who “want , demand sweatshop rates, and claim they can not afford to pay more ” , so it is not ONLY the fault of Indians or Chinese , if any Americans are out of jobs , because of outsourcing .

  6. SEO Services says:

    I have always believed you get what you pay for… I know it can be tempting to outsource mundane work like directory link building, however thankfully this form of link building is being devalued. You can spot outsourced English a mile away and it will likely cost your busy more than it would save…

  7. FunnyDragons says:

    The problem with outsourcing is ‘quality’ I would say 1 in a 100 outsourced link building or article writing campaigns are of high quality.

  8. Jeff Bach says:

    A big part of this discussion is recognizing the gulf that exists between a product/service that is a specialty and a product/service that is a commodity.

    In most cases a commodity product or service is one that is perceived to be of low value. It still MUST be done, but the value of it has changed. A specialty is something that has not yet been processed, streamlined, automated, etc., whereas a commodity has had all of that done to it. A specialty is something only a few people can do or is something in short supply, consequently its value is high and people tend to be comfortable spending time and money on it. Commodities are mostly the opposite, they still need to be done, but the concerns center around getting commodities done cheaply with as little time and money as possible. Thus outsourcing is born. High value specialties are kept in-house for where the “expensive” labor and efforts are exerted up on them. Low value pieces are sent out for others to do. Link building and some other aspects of SEO, and writing in general, are trending towards that low value / commodity side of the spectrum.
    my .02

  9. Myron Tay says:

    You can get a local SEO company and it will still wind up being outsourced to India.

  10. Ben says:

    On many of the freelance websites many web designers/seo companies/business owners expect the world for $1.50 an hour. In some ways its scary for americans employed by seo companies, and in another way the global marketplace could cheapen the service down to a handful of dollars.

  11. Gudipudi says:

    If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
    If the quality of the work provided by Asian Countries is bad, Outsourcing industry(seo) wouldn’t have grown so big over the years.
    My only advice is, please choose the qualified service provider.