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Keyword Stuffing

Phil: Do you ever have deja vu Mrs. Lancaster?
Mrs. Lancaster: I don’t think so, but I could check with the kitchen.- Groundhog Day

The Internet has taken the art of finely-crafted writing and beaten the living crap out of it.

Not only has content on the Internet become a series of bulleted points, short choppy sentences and suspect grammar, but a final indignity has been thrown on the heap of bad copy that pollutes the Internet. I am speaking of the “art” of keyword stuffing by SEO copywriters and their total disregard for the human beings that might actually be reading the content on any given web page that has been optimized.

Oh sure, we all laugh about the page we read where a keyword phrase has been repeated to the point of ridiculousness (much like our writer Simon has been brainwashed into believing this is a good thing), but aren’t we overlooking the bigger picture here? This is just another piece of evidence to the mounting case against SEO as a legitimate business. Spammy links, unethical practices and now, poor writing. Even worse than poor writing, this is writing that is terrible by choice. There are no SEO copywriters, even though we looked for a writer with that title ourselves. In truth there are just writers. Bad writers and good writers, and bad writers write bad content with a lot of keyword phrases repeated. Good copy writers (which I am not) write copy that flows well, has a well defined message, and is easy to understand, among other things. Keyword-stuffed copy does none of these things and only makes the art and science of SEO and copywriting look like a joke.

The search engines are doing a much better job of filtering out sites rampant with keyword stuffing, and hopefully it will lose favor as people see it doesn’t work. Until writing becomes a true art on the Internet (have patience, Shakespeare), try to remember this when you are crafting your copy: Write for people AND search engines, but don’t let the other one know it. In other words, a blend of well written content with a controlled use of keywords should work for both site visitors, whether they are people or “spiders”.

For a great example of keyword stuffing, check out David Naylor’s blog post on the subject.

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13 Responses to “Keyword Stuffing, Keyword Stuffing, Keyword Stuffing”

  1. Simon says:

    Zombie, zombie, zombie…

  2. KarenKramer says:

    Too funny… I’ve been guilty of writing keyword spammy content in the past but finally grew up..

    Really enjoy this comic.

  3. Garry Conn says:

    Great comic… thanks so much for the laugh but also providing a creative reminder to write naturally. It’s one thing to target certain keywords, but I think many of us have the tendency to do just what is showcased in the comic (maybe not that bad) but still…

    Thanks again for the laugh, that was very entertaining. 🙂

  4. Jamie Simmerman says:

    I absolutely love it!

    I hate keyword stuffing *blech*. Glad the search engines are working around it, maybe it will phase out in time, eh?

  5. Mike Kelly says:

    That had me laughing all morning… Love the web page title.. and well put on the subject of keyword stuffing and SEO content.

  6. johncow says:

    LOL…. great and very relevant!

    Reminds me of content written from some of my old writers and a lot like Gary Conn’s current writers (ohhhh… yes I went there Garry.. bwa hahaha)

  7. Justin Brooke says:

    Funny way to drive home the point. Yes, the keywords can be the central part of the optimization campaigns but we need to learn how to use keyword use with responsibility.

  8. Really Really Funny!
    Funniest joke!
    Really Funniest!
    Fun Fun Fun!
    Stuffing Fun!


  9. This made me cringe. Keyword stuffing is like nails on a chalkboard… for my brain. As a writer, I could never lower myself to that level. I care too much about my work and the people who will be reading it! I wish people would get a clue that this is as far from “optimization” as you can get. Why it is even still in practice? Algorithms have changed. Real people look at results. (I know, I was one of them!) It’s just… UGH!

  10. Jon says:

    Yes it’s so funny.. stuff stuff stuff!!!

  11. Rubel says:

    Really funny post but effective…

  12. Web Design Showroom says:

    Quite agree with the points made here. Actually, everyone struggles writing good content for their website, whether they are the client or the web design company.

    People still fail to realise that if you write well about your subject first and then think about SEO, you can easily go back through your’re article and change a couple of words and phrases to match what phrase your targeting- that’s all!

  13. Sunayna Gupta says:

    Very good script and presentation. Seriously some websites still practice this funny thing of keyword stuffing..