First Day at Ranked Hard SEO Offices

First Day - Ranked Hard - SEO Comic

Welcome to the first installment of our SEO comic, “Ranked Hard”!

This is a comic about the trials and tribulations of the mythical staff of Ranked Hard, a growing and ambitious SEO company. There will certainly be parallels to our SEO company, Big Oak, but we won’t tell you where reality and fantasy blur. Although most who perform optimization for a living will certainly have their own ideas about what is taken from real life situations. ;-).

I have posted character bios for the Ranked Hard staff.

  • Bradley Smart, President & SEO Consultant
  • Gwen Michaels, SEO Researcher
  • Roosevelt (Rosie) Jones, VP & SEO Consultant
  • Simon Caine, SEO Copywriter

We hope you grow to love them as much as we do.

– Shell Harris, Big Oak SEO

4 Responses to “First Day at Ranked Hard SEO Offices”

  1. Cornish Hens says:

    “Try to avoid sleeping next to Roosevelt.” So that implies that they might sleep in different beds every night. That’s disgusting. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they change sheets.

  2. fabienne says:

    Very nice idea to have SEO comics – a picture speaks a thousand words!
    Would be great to hear your client’s comments on these!
    All the best,


  3. admin says:

    I’m posting every comment we get. I certainly thought there would be more. Maybe we need to be more controversial?

  4. masonway says:

    Soooo, this is how you SEO’ers do it — (1) talk on it, (2) go work on it, (3) eat [barely] on it and then, (4) sleep on it…. no wonder your clients products/services [are] rank**[ed] highly.

    **Rank: [as in] “growing profusley or with excessive vigor.” (didn’t want anyone to get the wrong lightbulb]