Cutt Her Some Slack

Cutt Her Some Slack - Ranked Hard SEO Comic

“It Cutts like a knife, but it feels so right.” – Bryan Adams

“Cutt Her Some Slack” is our most niche comic yet. Not only are we focusing on the relatively small SEO community, we have made the focus of the comic a Google engineer named Matt Cutts. And if you don’t know who Matt Cutts is then you are very new to the SEO game. Suffice to say that Mr. Cutts is a big voice in the world of search engine optimization. His blog covers topics ranking from SEO to movies to Google policies and much more.

Of course most people read his blog to discover what they can about Google’s thoughts on search engine optimization. Some SEO experts are a little too involved with the idea of Matt being the messiah and follow him without question. Those are the people we poke a little harmless fun at today. And I’m hopeful Matt takes Rosie’s crush on him in a flattering light, as was intended.

We are sure there aren’t too many shrines devoted to Matt and we are equally sure he has his god complex under control. 😉

In all seriousness, Matt Cutts gives solid and honest advice. But he also works for Google and therefore can only divulge so much information for obvious reasons. I’d also wager Matt’s words are dissected over and over until the true meaning is lost in conspiracy theories and too much reading between lines. This leads to crazy speculation and “fear” of Google; after all they are the 800lb. gorilla ruling over the SEO landscape. But becoming engrossed in what Google wants can sometimes hurt a client. Of course, ignoring Google’s advice and warnings can be equally damaging. Finding a happy medium between those two ideas is the goal for most SEO companies and I guess it wouldn’t hurt if you had a few pictures of Mr. Cutts on the wall for inspiration. 😉

(Matt, if you read this, Rosie is a fictional character and is, in fact, not stalking you.)

6 Responses to “Cutt Her Some Slack”

  1. Dave Haygarth says:

    Ahhh… the Cutts shrine… where all SEOs go for a good rank 😉

  2. Dr. Pete says:

    Is it still creepy if you only have 10 pictures and a Glade plug-in night light? That’s ok, right?

  3. Shell Harris says:

    Dr. Pete – Actually I think that is perfectly normal behavior for a level I case of stalking Matt Cutts. Kudos for admitting you have a problem.

  4. Suddenly I have a flashback to one of my co-workers…

  5. Web Design Malaysia says:

    ok, now this is funny 😀