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Black Magic SEO - Ranked Hard SEO Comic

“Abracadabra.” – Alfred Borden, The Prestige

There is a bit of truth to this Ranked Hard. No, there isn’t any sorcery being performed, but I have had more than a few phone calls from potential clients that have spoken with other SEO companies that have gotten similar responses. We are very forthcoming with how we will achieve better rankings in the search engines and as most reputable SEO firms will admit, it isn’t overly complicated. Good content and solid link building are the foundation of any good SEO campaign.

Unfortunately, many SEO companies will say things like, “It’s too complicated to get into,” or “We can’t share or SEO techniques.” When I hear that I immediately tell the perspective client to be very suspicious. When an SEO company isn’t willing to share their methods, it is usually because they have no methods to share or else they are doing things they wish to hide.

Or, maybe they are practicing Black Magic SEO, who knows?

– Shell Harris, Big Oak SEO

Black Magic SEO Poster

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37 Responses to “Black Magic SEO”

  1. Orchin says:

    LOL. It’s funny because it’s true.

  2. SEO Canada says:

    I wish people would say things like that, but instead when leads call so many still talk about meta tags and titles like their everything.

  3. ram says:

    I really like this one, as i have been a victim of such scams.

  4. bruce cat says:

    haha funny. The secret in SEO is called black hat SEO šŸ™‚

  5. admin says:

    KT, I added a link to your url so people can view your excellent comic more easily. I also put a follow tag on it to give you some link juice. Best of luck. – Shell

  6. amelia says:

    wow the post is very good specially the comic thing hehehe nice nice šŸ™‚

  7. clickmagnet says:

    Umm…I was drinking coffee while reading your comic and just want you to know it almost went all over my screen.

    This is great! I’ll stop by often to visit your updates sans coffee, of course. šŸ™‚

  8. R.J. Booker says:

    Isn’t this based on a true story? Isn’t it true that there were a group of people dressed in cloaks who would walk around the valley going, “Google, Google, Google.”

  9. eyd ryan says:

    well, one main purpose of not over-simplifying things is that then the customer will ask what the purpose of the fat paycheck is. and then start explaining it to the client… maybe where you work that’s easy but… i doubt it.

  10. eyd ryan says:

    other than that it’s funnny but it feels like a bit of a look at them i’m not like that. and yeah nowadays many people use pompous words to act like they know what they’re doing but it’s a common practice in the IT field in general where we try to explain to the customer in our terms rather than his and therefore feel we need to show all that we do…

    marketing says otherwise i know.

  11. Marie Claire says:

    your post is funny, but however it is true. some companies just say don’t ask how but we’ll do it for you. if that is the case then you have to think twice before trusting that company.

  12. Colleen Wright says:

    This is a fantastic illustration of best practices and poor practices. Again, I love your cartoons! As an educator and a consultant, I tell my clients exactly what I will be doing to gain rankings for their web pages. I even invite them to attend my classes. I think an informed client is the best client to have. I have even had students become clients after they see what all is involved in achieving the best rankings. Thank you for another great cartoon…

  13. Vanessa says:

    Hi my name is Vanessa and I work for an advertising agency in Salt Lake City. I was wondering if there are any advertising opportunities on your site, and if so, could we geo-target specifically to Utah? Also, could I receive a media kit?
    Thank you!

  14. Shell Harris says:

    Vanessa, We aren’t offering advertising at this time. We hope to have the site moved to its own domain, and will be doing flat fee advertising at that time. We’ll post more information as it becomes available. Our hope is to have the site moved this summer (2008).

  15. boutique says:

    Very funny. I’m trying to learn about seo…. and when i read blogs and forums, people seem to think that there is a “dark – secret side” about it… “Haha, clic here, pay 1000$ and i will tell all the secrets about seo. Millions of visitors to YOUR site!”
    Haha ! Very strange this anonymous world where a link is like a superstar back from a secret rehab.

    PS . Sorry for the bad english.

  16. Marcus says:

    Hello, I’d love to take your Black Magic SEO Cartoon, retext it a little in German and use it in my Site
    Of Course I would give you a Backlink right from there where I post Your Cartoon.
    Please give me Feedback by Email if I am allowed to do so.
    Greets, Marcus

  17. Ranked Hard says:

    Marcus, You can use our comic, just give us a link back and credit. Thanks for asking.

  18. Marcus says:

    Here you can find the German Version of your Comic – thanks again for your permission for this šŸ˜‰

  19. Matt Sandy says:

    I worked on the dark side, and I increased sales 3 fold in one week. There is nothing wrong with blackhat techniques, if they get the job done and it doesn’t backfire. Combining the two will make sure it doesn’t backfire, and you will get ridiculously good rankings. I dropped out of the game a while back, but I remember I had some custom build scripts that I could let run and let my clients see the results they wanted. I do admit though, this is a great utilization of social media marketing to build some backlinks.

  20. Alex says:

    Link building is indeed premium to get to top of Search Engine Results. But people engaged in the SEO field should know that not all sites linking to a certain site pass link juices. SEO is hardwork as you need to look for sites that do not use the “nofollow” tag to get what you want.

  21. edzzy says:

    lolz… that is indeed a black magic stuff…. abracadabra! YOU ARE NO. 1 now!… šŸ˜‰

  22. Mosley says:

    This is very informative site. Very funny. Iā€™m trying to learn about seo and when i read blogs and forums, people seem to think that there is a dark and secret side about it. Build backlinks is indeed one major factor to get top SERPs result.

  23. nurprasetia says:

    haha… its funny šŸ˜€

  24. Alethea Kritter says:

    “Beliebers, Beliebers, we have a message from your leader” – Graham Norton is so funny.

  25. Charlie says:

    Damn so true šŸ™‚

  26. Dale Moreton says:

    Extremely well put.

  27. Alicia Edward says:

    hahaha… it is funny, and for a record it is true šŸ˜› how silly people are and trying to make people such a fool, LOLZ

  28. Always10 - Top 10 List says:

    LOL… very funny. I never think of that. SEO and the black magic stuff – I might create a top 10 list about comical SEO stuff. thanks for inspiring.. šŸ™‚ very helpful.

  29. Nike Tn Requin says:

    very funny. I never think of that. SEO and the black magic stuff ā€“ I might create a top 10 list about comical SEO

  30. Diego Isaac says:

    Here in Brazil, this kind of stuff (Black Magic SEO) is realy happening. Sooo crazy… You guys got realy good content here! I’ll keep following.

  31. Sunayna Gupta says:

    Hey guys thats really innovative and sarcastic way to target people who practice black hat SEO. This is the first post that i saw on your website and i have become a fan of your creative team…way to go guys…

  32. bigoak says:

    Feel free to republish, just give us link credit.

  33. Thomas Kane says:

    This was awesome, thanks for making it. Made me smile this morning.