What is Ranked Hard?

Ranked Hard is a comic about the mythical staff of a growing SEO company, appropriately named Ranked Hard. There will certainly be parallels between the comic and the experiences of our SEO company, Big Oak, but we won’t tell you where reality and fantasy blur – (although most “SEO people” who read this will certainly have their own ideas about what is from real life).

We are trying to create one comic per month, but that could change depending on how many good ideas we come up with and how fast we come up with them. If you wish to send in an idea, please email us  at contact@bigoakinc.com. If we do use your idea we will give you full credit and you can even write the story behind it if you wish.

If you want to know more about the staff at Ranked Hard, we have posted character bios. Here is a quick rundown of the Ranked Hard team:

  • Bradley Smart, President & SEO Consultant
  • Gwen Michaels, SEO Researcher
  • Roosevelt (Rosie) Jones, VP & SEO Consultant
  • Simon Caine, SEO Copywriter

We hope you grow to love them as much as we do.